Trust us and ship

Trust is important when it comes to your precious belongings. We make sure that anything you send gets to its destination without any problems.

No worries, no hassle

To save you the hassle, we will take care of all your necessary documentation with the minimum paperwork required from your side.

Risk management is our forte

You can say goodbye to shipping risks that otherwise cost you a huge profit and put a dent in your savings. We will handle it for you.

We have a solution for every shipping challenge

Sea Freight

Enjoy maximum coverage and competitive shipping rates to Europe with our widespread network and long-term partnerships in the industry.

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Air Freight

To each of your shipping throughout Europe, we have the perfect plan for urgent, high-value, time-sensitive or perishable goods at affordable rates.

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Warehousing & Distribution

Our shipping process is well-equipped and controlled by trained experts to carry out responsible warehousing and distribution throughout the venture.

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Customs Brokerage

For almost any imports to Europe, all your shipments will be released in a single and smooth transaction to ensure quick and easy customs clearance.

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Cargo Insurance

We focus and expertise that your shipment throughout Europe is safe and backed by full coverage insurance from highly reputable brokers.

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Cargo Consolidation

Consolidating the goods from different locations & suppliers in China enables significant cost reduction for each shipping to Europe.

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Shipping to Amazon FBA

With the advent of e-commerce, we make sure that you don't lag behind. Our Amazon delivery service is more customized towards your Amazon deliveries to make sure your product reaches them safe and sound.

  • Labelling Services
  • Packaging Services
  • Cargo Inspection
  • Product Photography

No hiccups when you ship with us

To take your stress off, we ship on your behalf. We keep you relaxed about your shipping, and we make it possible by first getting to know your business inside-out. We understand your goals, your concerns, and your system and then strive to exceed your benchmarks by the maximum possible margin. We are accurate in what we do and try our best to leave no loopholes.

Operating on both grounds – customs broker and freight forwarding – we have a communication system developed and trained.


I regularly ship from China to Germany and have used multiple services, but I am most satisfied with China Freight’s shipping by far because they are the most reliable. I have made China Freight my exclusive freight forwarders and recommended them to everyone in the Europe region.

I have been dealing with China Freight for years. It is a pleasure to work with this company who have always helped me out and given the best customer service. I trust them to offer me guidance in logistics as well; they always go out of the way to make sure all my issues are cleared.

I was advised to try China Freight by an associate when other freight services were charging too much to ship my cargo to Italy. Their rates are unbelievable but their services are just as good as any costly shipping services, I am very glad I decided to go with China Freight.

Sit back and relax! We’ve got this

We know how difficult it is for you to run a business and to go global with it. We ensure you that when we handle your shipments to Europe, we will handle it all and you don't have to sweat it at all. You only have to request a shipment, and we shall get the job done. The next time you will know about it is when your shipment has been received, safely, in Europe.

No matter what burden it is, we will deal with it for you.

We take care of the details
So you can focus on your business success

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What are you waiting for?

Consult a China Freight specialist regarding your shipment to Europe and enter the world of hassle-free shipping!