Courier/Express Services

Our Services

All of our express delivery service options are trackable and fully guaranteed.

Expedited Delivery: 1-3 days delivery time

Whether your package is large or small, we are committed to providing superb levels of service with a wide range of options for your sensitive delivery requirements.

Standard Delivery: 3-5 days delivery time

Our Standard Delivery solution offers you international postal services at simple and affordable rates to help business customers achieve rapid delivery with incredible efficiency.

Economy Delivery: 7 days+ delivery time

Enjoy this hassle-free option to match your non-urgent transit times. This is the most affordable Courier/Express shipping solution, but also our highest priority service.

Our Official Partners

As an official partner of DHL, UPS, and FedEx in China, we guarantee safe, on-time delivery of your shipments, and offer high-quality service at the most affordable shipping rates.

Additional Services

In collaboration with our team of experts and our service partners, we are confident we can offer a full range of services to fit your needs.

Service include:

  • Packing and Re-packing
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Labelling Services
  • Real-time Tracking

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