As an importer, I have had many dealings with freight forwarding companies over the years, some were great and some were not so great. The great one I fondly remember and the not so great ones I learned from. Regardless of how long you have been in the business, you are aware that the service you provide to your clients is reliant on the service you get from your service providers, especially your freight forwarder.

After having tried several forwarding companies I was introduced to China Freight by a business college and I must admit, at first I was very hesitant to switch because I had a pretty good forwarder at the time. As with most things nowadays I decided to go online and find out more about China Freight. I found a site that had many reviews about them from all over the world, called China Freight Reviews.


I was very impressed with the wide scope of freight services that they provide and the way their clients are being vocal about the great service they are providing. It’s unusual to find more great reviews than bad reviews on any review site, normally you find only great reviews as they get monitored through some kind moderator or just don’t get posted on the site. So it was very surprising that I found that on China Freight Reviews there are very good reviews and a few not so good reviews listed, and what was even more surprising was the fact that each review good and bad had a response from China Freight!

Here is my opinion of the reviews on China Freight. Firstly I suspect that you have had your own experiences with freight companies that might have already had you making a list of checkboxes that you want to tick off as you find evaluate their services. I had several boxes that I wanted to tick off when I was first introduced to China Freight. I don’t believe that my list is much different from yours so just to put you at ease here is my list.


  • Do they offer shipping services to multiple destinations in the USA and Europe?
  • How do they compare to my current costing concerning speed and reliability
  • Do they have the experience to deliver my goods on time every time?
  • What do they have as back up to their main routes and freight handlers?


You might have a couple of other boxes to add depending on your specific needs but these above will cover the most important issues any importer hold dear, as they can make or break any deal. When I was reading China Freight Reviews I was happy to see that China Freight has routes to mainland North America, Europe and even has special routes to Amazon FBA, which means that my business could potentially benefit from a direct shipping solution.
What I also read was that they have very friendly staff manning the phones as every reviewer had something good to say about the call center staff. This is of course very important, when you need to get information quickly from people, friendly helpful people are always more informative and helps get you the info you need fast.

Above all this was very important to me, as my business was located in the USA I wanted to know that when I call my freight company I could speak my native language, English, mainly because I could not speak any Chinese to save my life. I once had to spend almost 2 hours on the phone trying to find out shipping details from a freight company in India due to a communication problem.

So back to my list, as I explained I just about got all my answers by reading the reviews on China Freight Reviews before I called China Freight for the first time. With my mental list top of mind, I was slowly ticking off my boxes as I was reading.


Q1 – Multiple destinations in the USA and EU?

China Freight has all the destinations that you could need, basically they have been in business for over 10 years and they have established effective routes to all the major destinations worldwide.

For my business, I needed a freight company that could handle many destinations with ease as I have clients across the world. China Freight Reviews had the answers to my question as China Freight had established shipping routes worldwide.


Q2 – The Cost Factor

We are all familiar with trying to get the best price for anything we need and what I was really impressed with is the willingness of China Freight to accommodate their clients with some of the best pricing I have seen in a long time. China Freight is not just another provider of shipping, they want to be part of your client solution so they work with you to provide your goods and services to your clients at the most effective price point available.


Q3 – Experience in the industry

I have already mentioned the good and bad reviews that I saw however, what was in almost every review was that there was a significant price advantage of dealing with China Freight. Every review that I read on China Freight Reviews mentioned the fact that they outpriced the competition by about 10% – 20%. Any business owner would be happy about that!


Q4 – Back up routes to main shipping routes

This was very important to me as I had a previous issue where my goods were stuck because there was no back up to the main route that was being used. I was so impressed that China Freight Reviews had a variety of China Freight clients on it so that you could see that China Freight had multiple routes ready for your goods.

So in closing, I have been a client of China Freight for some time now and I have never been happier. More importantly, I have had no late deliveries as of yet. Even with all the scary things that are happening in the world right now with routes being closed and COVID-19 quarantine etc. I have been pleasantly surprised by the service that I have gotten from my freight company – China Freight.

So if you are looking for a new freight forwarder why don’t you take a couple of minutes and read China Freight Reviews and I am sure that you will also find that these guys are there to get your goods to their destinations.

Thank you and most of all Thank you China Freight for your great work.



I choose China Freight for my international logistics needs because they offer excellent service and competitive pricing.

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