Whether you are a first time imported or not, this article is good reading for you. Finding a reliable freight forwarder between China and the USA could be challenging at the best of times, and this information can just maybe make that decision making the process a bit easier.

For you to better understand my idea, I have divided the article into two parts:

1. Common Freight Complaints

If you are currently shipping from China to the USA, you might have experienced some of the many common problems that other importers have. These issues are not unique but there are innovative yet very simple solutions to these issues. The list below of common issues might sound familiar to you:


  • Delayed Cargo

• Your supplier is too late
• Customs clearance delays due to Chinese customs / US customs inspections / documents
• Carries delay
• Others: the freight agency failed to coordinate the entire process


  • High Cost of Shipping

• High season/holiday
• Forwarders have no long-term contracts with carriers
• Forwarder charges a higher service fee


  • Lost Cargo

• Fewer shipments than expected from suppliers
• Carries lost during transit
• Lost during warehouse storage


  • Poor Customer Service

• Freight forwarders do not value customer satisfaction
• Freight forwarders do not have sufficient experience
Unable to update cargo status on time
• The customer service staff did not pro-actively obtain information
• Freight forwarding companies lack strong software system support;


2. China Freight Solutions

Since its establishment, China Freight has been committed to providing customized and personalized international logistics and freight forwarding services for large and small enterprises, government agencies, families and individuals. Through the joint efforts of our experienced and professional freight experts and service team, we can guarantee that your goods will be delivered in perfect condition, on time and within budget.


  • Cargo Delay – Solution

As a freight forwarding company with more than 10 years of experience, we are familiar with all causes of cargo delays and have created processes to resolve these potential factors in advance. For example, we will actively coordinate the delivery time with your supplier, and then according to the route you choose and delivery requirements, coordinate the entire shipping time. Our logistics experts are well versed in all documents and regulations of Chinese and US customs, which ensure that the goods can be cleared quickly without delay during the customs clearance process. Importantly, our selected partners are high-quality carriers, top airlines, and shipping services which enables us to guarantee the highest degree of delivery on time.


  • High Shipping Cost – Solution

China Freight only works with international first-class carriers and over the years has established large scale, long-term trust-based freight transportation contracts, contracts that ensure that we get are the most competitive pricing in the market, cost savings that are passed on to you our clients. During the high season or holidays, unlike other freight forwarders from China to the USA, we do not focus on short-term high profits.

China Freight has become the industry leader through customer loyalty, and continuous development of our systems and processes. We pride ourselves on being professional and always ready to serve our clients both current and new.


  • Lost goods – Solution

In shipping and forwarding, cargo does get misplaced from time to time. However, we have identified the major causes of cargo-loss and we have taken specific measures to eliminate the problem. With superior quality control, we have maintained the lowest rate of cargo loss in our business sector. These simple procedures are constant logging of entry and exit from the warehouse and we will even check the quantity and condition of your goods for you. Our warehouses are equipped with monitoring systems as well as strict supervision by security staff to ensure that the goods are not damaged or lost. For high-value goods, we even have a cargo insurance option for our clients.


  • Poor Customer Service – Solution

Client satisfaction is a major aspect of our success, and focusing on our clients is one of our company’s core values. To ensure that every client is fully satisfied with our service, our client service staff receive the very best CRM training and are rigorously tested to ensure that your needs are always our top priority. This makes us communicate better with our clients and always gets the client issues out in the open and quickly and effectively resolved.

Also, China Freight has regular surveys to measure our client’s satisfaction. We will also continue to strengthen our service delivery by listening to you, our valued clients. We have even opened access to each general manager’s email inbox so that we can address every issue as it happens. Any suggestions and complaints are also directed directly to the GM email so that we can get senior input on every problem from that start.


  • Unable to Update Cargo Status in Time – Solution

Honestly speaking, international freight forwarding is a complex and long-term process, so every client needs to know the status of their cargo in time so that they can plan for any eventuality.

With that in mind, we have developed our in-house cargo tracking system in the last year to give each client all the data on their cargo and status in real-time. This gives our clients an unprecedented advantage over their competitors as you can effectively respond to any delays or even be ready if delivery is going to be early.



China Freight has been in the freight forwarding industry for more than a decade, including air, sea, road, express, and warehousing and customs declaration. We are committed to exceptional service principles of efficiency, precision, and flexibility. By doing this, we have earned the trust of our clients and become their preferred freight forwarder.

As a reputable and trusted international freight forwarder, we are proud and confident that we can provide you with the specialized service that you need. We will continue to provide world-class services to every client no matter your need. If you would like to know how we can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact us and start your worry-free transportation.



I choose China Freight for my international logistics needs because they offer excellent service and competitive pricing.

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